Features and Construction:

Table can be swiveled to each 45 right and left

The verical spindle rotation is driven through the horizontal spindle.

The use of the support bracket the machine suitable for heavy duty machining.

A universal dividing head can be transmitted through the screw.

Available to use a slotting attachment.

Working surface of table
240 x 1050 mm
Longitudinal travel
560 mm
Transver travel
300 mm
Vertical travel
420 mm
Range of longitudinal feed speed (mm/min)
60c/s (21~246)@50c/s (17~203) 6 steps
Range of longitudinal rapid speed (mm/min)
60c/s (2056)@50c/s (1713)
Table will swivel (R & L)
Horizontal Main Spindle
Range of spindle speeds (6 steps) rpm
60c/s (108~1470)@50c/s (90~1225)
Taper of spindle bore
NT 40
Spindle center to table
0~320 mm
Spindle center to over arm bottom
120 mm
Horizontal milling (Vertical milling head)
Table longitudinal feed
Coolant pump
1/8 HP
Net weight (approx)
1200 kgs (2420 lbs)
Gross weight
1350 kgs (2750 lbs)
Packing measurement (L x W x H)
1397 x 1220 x 2032 mm
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


E Coolant equipment
E Cutter arbor
E Cutter sleeve
E Draw bar
E Tool box with adjusting tools
E Coolant tray
E Increased table surface 300x1200mm
E Vertical/horizontal head motor increased to 4HP
E Table motor increased to 1.5HP
E 6-step of vertical/horizontal spindle speeds changed to 12-step
E 6-step of table feed speeds changed to 12-step
E CE electric
E Table splash guard (300x1200mm table only)
E Digital readout system
E Milling cutter & tools
E Support bracket
E Y-axis automatic feed with 9-step gear-drive
E Z-axis gear-drive feed
E Horizontal milling arbor

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