has become increasingly successful in the manufacture of universal milling machines, precision milling machines, and grinder milling machines since its establishment in 1973. Abiding by the spirit of precision, efficiency, and profession, the company began the development of its smallest model VHO-A milling machine and debuted a wide range of JL-VH320 series in recent years. After decades of R&D efforts, the company is now in a better position to offer its milling machines with high rigidity, stable, and heavy machining-resist features. The company's universal milling machine, equipped with high rigidity machine body and high turning speed spindle, is regarded as the first of its kind from the machine tool industry in Taiwan . Such milling machines also served as an R&D orientation for leading local counterparts in the line. With ever-improving product quality, the company's products are now sold to five continentals around the world. Under the motto: Pursuing the supreme quality and producing the best product, the company has won praises from its customers in both quality and technology. Its R&D capabilities also meet the manufacturing requirements of clients, thus offering solid and complete services.

Jen Lian's factories are not so big as expected. Once U.S. and European customers even wondered why a small company could turn out such high stable milling machines. They guessed Jen Lian produced its milling machines in mainland China and then transshipped to Taiwan . After explanations, our customers understood that all of our milling machines, no matter in casting and machine body forming, are manufactured in Taiwan . We are a small company but we offer the best products as we can.

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